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Old photographs of Actors, Actresses, Singers and Dancers - Movie Stars, Stage Stars, Hollywood Stars and the English Film Studios Film Stars - in high resolution.

Old Photos of Film (Movie) Stars and Stars of the Stage and Television in High Resolution pictures -
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Actor, Charles Chaplin

Actor and Comedian - Charles (Charlie) Chaplin.

I had so many images of actors and actresses going way back that it would be a travesty not to display them here on this website. They have each given us - and our ancestors - so much pleasure, and so many good memories. I do hope you enjoy them.

Wherever you may live, you will have pleasureful memories of hours on end spent in your local picture house / cinema, watching films (movies) starring your favourite actors and actresses, and that will surely stay with you for ever.

To all in the acting profession, those who are still making films, and to the many who have sadly faced the final curtain, on behalf of us all I would like to say a big thank you.

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If you have any pictures of your favourite film stars that you have taken, please do scan them in at a high resolution and email them to me here. Tell me the story, include your name, and you will be on this website alongside your star forever.

Together we can build a wonderful archives of old images in order that generations yet to come may still enjoy them, and hopefully be of interest to family historians and genealogists. If you have any old, vintage, historical, Edwardian or Victorian pictures of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales or the rest of the British Isles, from the earliest years, and right up to the 1960's, not only of the places you live or have lived, but also your old family photos, then please do scan them for display and preservation on this website. Please scan them in at a high resolution, preferably either 1280 pixels in width, or for portrait style photographs 1280 pixels in height. Please take time to read the Copyright Statement. and then email your scanned pictures here.

I hope you enjoy your visit, and I would be obliged if you would add the site to your favourites, as there will be frequent additions. For speed of download the pictures are all in thumbnail size, so just double click on any thumbnail and it will display the image in high resolution, then press your back button to return to the subject page.

This website, since its' launch in 2005, has probably become the largest old photographic website in the United Kingdom, and enjoys over 3 million hits a year.

These wonderful people have given us so much pleasure, as they did to our families for over a century. These pages are dedicated both to the performers and to our ancestors.

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