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Old photographs of Actors, Actresses, Singers and Dancers - Movie Stars, Stage Stars, Hollywood Stars and the English Film Studios Film Stars - in high resolution.

Old Photos of Film (Movie) Stars and Stars of the Stage and Television in High Resolution pictures -
surnames beginning with M.

Actor, Douglas Montgomery - Two Cities Films

Actor, Douglass Montgomery - Two Cities Films

Film stars and stage actors and actresses whose surnames begin with the letter M.

Malcolm Macauley, Jeanette Macdonald, Cleo Madison, Guy Madison, Lya Mara, Fredric March, Mary Martin, Delia Mason, Raymond Massey, Ethel Matthews

Edna May, Mia May, Jane May, John McCallum, Roddy McDowall, Victor McLaglen, Gertie Millar, John Mills, Dorothy Minto, Tom Mix

Marilyn Monroe, Ricardo Montalban, Douglass Montgomery, Robert Montgomery, Kieron Moore, Grace Moore, Marilynn Miller, Michael Mordkin, Karen Morley, George Murphy

These wonderful people have given us so much pleasure, as they did to our families for over a century. These pages are dedicated both to the performers and to our ancestors.

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