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Scottish Genealogy.

The material for family history research in Scotland has different sources to family history research in England and Wales.

They have for example their own governing body for the Family History Societies, their own General Records Office (GRO), National Library, and there are many websites dedicated solely to Scottish research.

As this site is dedicated to a minimum of text, and links to the premier sites only, I will keep the list to a minimum. In my opinion, the sites listed below all meet the criteria of being premier sites.

Scotland's People is one of the largest online sources of original material relating to Scotland and the Scots. Click here.

The family history societies of Scotland come under the umbrella of the Scottish Association of Family History Societies. Click here.

The National Library of Scotland has wonderful resources, and the website is well laid out and is easy to navigate: Click here.

The General Record Office of Scotland, where copy birth, marriage, and death certificates may be obtained have an informative website. The Scottish G.R.O. also stores the information re divorces and adoptions relative to Scotland, and is the main source of family history records. Click here.

Scotland's National Tourist Board have an absolutely excellent website named Ancestral Scotland, which has a mine of information within its' pages. I found it easier to navigate via the site map initially. Click here.



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