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Family History Research in Ireland.

For the purposes of this site, I make no distinction between family history research in Northern Ireland and Eire, they are both Ireland, and were of course united until 1921. I will however point out which of the below listed websites is relevant.

The Irish General Record Office which has all of the records up to 1921, and just those of Eire from that year on is to be found at: Click here.

The Genealogical Society of Ireland has an informative site that you may find of interest: Click here.

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland may be found here: Click here.

The Irish National Archives in Dublin is an enormously important place for finding Irish records: Click here.

The North of Ireland Family History Society is to be found at: Click here. I cannot reiterate enough just how important being a member of a family history society may be. Like minded people of differing levels of expertise, who will not mind helping to point you in the right directions.

The Irish Ancestors site offers all manner of information about Ireland, including details of parishes, online maps, and much, much more. Click here.

The Church of Ireland Genealogy and Family History website is another extremely useful resource. Click here.

The Irish Ancestral Research Association website has an abundance of information about finding out about your family history in Ireland. Click here.

There is an excellent website named Catholic Ireland, worthy of note. Click here.

Details of Dublin Archives may be found here. Click here.



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