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Family History - 1901 Census.

The 1901 UK census was taken on the 31st March 1901.

The 1901 census is online here. This government site is free to search, but you have to pay to look at the actual household results. This payment is made by submitting your credit card details online, and is subject to a minimum of £5. You do not have to spend that amount in one session, but it must be used or forfeited within seven days.

There are four types of search that a family historian may make on the 1901 census, and they are: - person search, address search, institution search, and vessel search.

The 1901 census is online at the official 'Find my past' website here. This is a pay per view site, and is a complete transcription of the census. You can also search the census for many other criteria, other than just names and addresses.

The 1901 census is also online at the Ancestry website, but it is also a pay to view. Visit the Websites page.

The most accurate way to access the 1901 census is to visit your local county or regional archives.

There is a 'Free Census' online website that eventually aims to have all of the censuses including the 1901, online free to search and view. You can access it here.

There are numerous part censuses online, and the best way to access these is via a search on Google (see search box below) using the search phrase "1901 census online", or whichever census year you are searching for.

Lots of family history societies have transcribed this census, which may be available on cd, and you should refer to the 'Societies' page (accessible via 'Finding Aids' button) to find a link to their websites.



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