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Churches in Britain and Ireland.

Churches of Wales (Cymru) in High Resolution Photographs.

Wales, Glamorgan, Cardiff, Llandaff Cathedral from the north

Wales, Glamorgan, Cardiff, Llandaff Cathedral from the north

On this website there will be thousands of high resolution photographs of places of worship in Wales. There will be cathedrals, churches, and more ancient holy buildings. The smallest of Welsh Churches or Chapels can be as beautiful as the greatest of cathedrals, not because of their grandeur, but because of their simplicity. In the Welsh language Wales is known as Cymru. The counties of Wales are listed in the left and right columns in english and also in welsh.

Many Welsh place names begin with the four letters 'Llan' - this word in the Welsh language translates to church, but also includes the religious enclosure surrounding the church. The Welsh word for a church alone is Eglwys. Chapels, which became so much an important part of many welsh lifes during the 19th and early 20th centuries are sadly now too often being sold for use as private dwellings. The Welsh word for Chapel is Capel.

As I live on the Isle of Anglesey it will come as no surprise that there is a complete list of all Churches on Anglesey within these pages, along with a vast collection of high resolution photos of our Islands Churches.

The present county structure in Wales, which includes Gwynedd, Gwent, Clwyd, Powys, Dyfed, and Mid, South and West Glamorgan are discarded for the purpose of this website, and replaced by the traditional counties, which everyone (certainly in Wales) is more familiar with. It is worth pointing out however that the present county names of Gwynedd, Gwent, Clwyd, Powys and Dyfed are actually the original names of the Kingdoms in Wales from before the Norman conquest.

The Wales site is indexed by county and accessed via the links on this page. Please click on a county name on the side panels and then select a place name.

If you have any pictures of any churches, cathedrals, abbeys, monasteries or other places of worship in the United Kingdom, then please scan them in at a high resolution, but at least 1280 pixels width, and email them to me here.

Not just a photo of the outside of your Church, but also of the people that use it, of the interior, and even of the graveyard and the more interesting graves.

In addition, if you want to tell us about your special Church, then we will display your story, so as every visitor may learn and appreciate what your Church is about.

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