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About the Author - Phil Evans

The author - Phil Evans

Phil Evans - Mirage Hotel Pool, Karnobat

Hello, My name is Phil Evans, and I am the sole author of this website and others named below. I will be aged 60 in January 2013. I trained as a computer programmer in the very early 1980's, but never actually worked in programming.

My passion in life is history of all kinds, and regardless of where I find myself I have researched and recorded events there - both contemporary and past. This passion combined with another - photography - has turned my computer into a locker room full of many scores of thousands of images spanning almost 150 years, and many unique databases of e.g. births, marriages and deaths records.

To go back a little, I was born in the Rhondda Valleys in South Wales and began my career as an apprentice mechanical engineer down the coal mines. A five year apprenticeship at the time seemed like a lifetime, so I joined the Royal Air Force in 1969.

I saw service in Wales, Malta, Cyprus, The Maldives and the Persian Gulf. During my three years in Malta I learnt enough of the language to live amongst the Maltese, and to this day have friends on this wonderful friendly island.

I presently live in Bulgaria, where I have learnt to read the cyrillic alphabet, and to speak quite a lot of Bulgarian. I am here so I can concentrate on my websites, and even though I live on a very tight budget I love Bulgaria.

When I left the RAF in the late 1970's I lived and worked on Anglesey in North Wales, my first job being Internal Auditor for a company that smelted aluminium. I left there after several years and retrained as a computer programmer, but quickly retrained as an international transport manager due to the lack of programming jobs on Anglesey. The job entailed carrying products by road and rail internationally, my title being general transport manager. I left this job to begin my own customs clearance company and quickly built it up into the largest company of its' kind locally. In 1992 came 'open borders' in Europe, and the need for customs clearance disappeared almost overnight - along with my business.

I started work with a transport and storage company, initially as office administration manager, and after two years in the job was made a director. The company went from strength to strength, and my responsibilities just mushroomed, to the point where I was totally stressed. It was at this point that my wife and I agreed that we should 'cut off our noses to spoil our faces', and I retired from the job with no payout and no pension, and moved to Bulgaria.

I now dedicate my time to adding more and more content to my websites, which is - to be very honest - financially draining, but so very interesting to me. The Google ads that I present on these pages helps somewhat financially towards the upkeep of my websites, and hopefully I will be able to continue presenting history on these websites for many years to come. Thank you for your interest.

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